Life Balance Recovery

Life Balance Recovery is here to help support and change the lives of those affected by substance use and mental health disorders. Substance abuse and mental health have some very serious negative impacts and our team is here to help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to live a fulfilling abundant life. Life Balance Recovery uses evidence based practices and individualized treatment plans to meet each individuals needs.

Our team is passionate and devoted to helping those who struggle with this disease and their families. We believe in empowering each individual to create their own future by walking beside each individual and meeting them where they are at. One of our goals at Life Balance Recovery is to create a safe, empathetic, and encouraging structure to help motivate change.

At Life Balance Recovery we incorporate holistic treatment concepts that provide healing of mind, body, and spirit. We offer 12 step practices as well as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Motivational Interviewing, Family Systems, and more.


We are here to help clients find their meaning and purpose and achieve a balanced healthy life. We meet each client where they are at and with their core beliefs. Our clinical team which has over 45 years of experience are here to help those suffering with substance abuse and or mental health learn the skills to live an abundant and successful life.

Chelsie Durden

Chelsie Durden, SUDC


Chelsie was born and raised in Utah County and loves it here. Chelsie studied at Utah Valley University and received her license as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor. She has worked in the field since 2009 in administrative and therapeutic settings at all different levels of care. She has four kids and loves being a mom and raising a family. Chelsie is passionate about helping others find their voice and working through their personal struggles. She believes drugs are not the problem but the solution people have chosen to get through their problems. She is very compassionate for others and loves sharing her story to help others in theirs. Chelsie loves to spend time with her family and friends, running, yoga, boating, hiking, and engaging in new adventures. Chelsie opened the first Life Balance location in 2016 and feels blessed to continue to grow a safe space for those to heal with a team that cares about each client. 



Jessica Kennedy

Jessica Kennedy, Certified Recovery Coach

Program Director

Jessica has lived in Utah since the age of 9. She is a mother of two children and loves being their mom. Jessica has been with life balance since 2018 and in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. As a family member to someone who struggles with substance abuse and mental health Jessica has a unique perspective on how to support clients and families by encouraging growth through difficult moments. Jessica is very passionate about being involved in this field and helping others achieve their goal of sobriety. Jessica is a certified recovery coach and is passionate about supporting clients with their recovery needs. In her free time you will find her paddling boarding, hiking, taking care of her garden, playing with her kids and taking in all that nature has to offer. Jessica believes that nature is a key and vital coping skill in the healing process. 



Kristen Brown, DNP

Medical Director

Kristen Brown has a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the University of Utah specializing in psychiatric Mental Health. She has been working in the addiction field since 2009 as a substance abuse counselor, detox nurse, and prescriber. Over the past decade, Dr. Brown has developed a passion for working with addicts to help them find hope and recovery. As a person in recovery for over 11 years, she understands the difficulty of overcoming addiction and learning to live in recovery long-term.

Dr. Brown’s continued work in recovery is the foundation of her prescribing practice. Her desire is to offer the best addiction medicine practice to every individual under her care. In her spare time, she enjoys the beautiful Utah mountains skiing, fishing, and spending time with her family.


Alison Martin

Clinical Director

Alison is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She has been practicing as a professional counselor since 2012. She graduated from University of Phoenix with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, having also completed the Master’s program for Educational Counseling. Alison has specialized training in substance use/addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, mindfulness, grief and loss, motivational interviewing, psychodrama and is also a certified interventionist. Alison also specializes in issues that impact the LGBTQ community.

Specializing in: Substance Use/Addiction, Grief and loss, Trauma/PTSD Psychodrama, Interventions, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Coping Skills, Mindfulness Couples/Marriage, LGBTQ issues and personality disorders.

Alison believes that the keys to living well are to develop a sense of self love and learning to live life authentically. She also believes that trauma work is vital to the healing process. Alison utilizes many therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Others.


Kevin Owen

Kevin Owen, CSUDC


Kevin has been working in the mental health field as for the last 11 years. He has worked as a direct care staff as well as a manager and administrator. His passion for helping others is born out of his own recovery and opportunity at a second chance. Compassion for those that are suffering is the driving force behind Kevin and his interactions with clients. He emphasizes mindfulness practices in his education groups and helps his client understand behavioral tools to help with their addictions. His experiences with outdoor recreation acts as a tool to encourage others to explore themselves through nature. He has recently completed his SUDC certification through Utah Valley University.



Susanna McGee

Susanna McGee


Susanna is originally from Farmington, New Mexico and now resides in Price, Utah. She has worked in the industry since 2016. She started her career in a residential treatment center as an aide which motivated her to go back to school. She got her master’s in addiction counseling as well as her Substance abuse counselor license from Grand Canyon university in 2019. She is passionate about working in this industry and watching people grow and begin to understand their addictions. Susanna loves the outdoors and spending time with her family.                                                                                               


Chrissy Bishop Kollar

Chrissy Bishop-Kollar LCSW


Chrissy is a long time resident of Carbon County, UT and has worked in the public service field for over 20 years.  She is a LCSW,  focusing on building therapeutic alliances and taking a holistic-person centered approach with those she serves.  Chrissy prides herself in continuous professional development to be able to address a multitude of needs using modern and evidence based practices. She utilizes eclectic approaches in the therapeutic setting and is trained in Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR and Accelerated Replacement Therapy. Chrissy believes that people deserve the opportunity to be the best versions of themselves and  strives to help others  work towards their goals. 



Lena Newton CSW


Lena originally began working with individuals struggling with addiction as a volunteer, chairing 12-step meetings for those struggling with addiction and for their family members. She is passionate about the belief that addiction is a family disease and treatment of the whole family will help to bring the greatest success and change to individuals. She volunteered with Addict II Athlete from 2014 until 2019, most recently serving as an assistant coach. She began working full-time in the addiction recovery industry in an administrative capacity in 2016, operating both residential and outpatient programs. She completed her SUDC certification from Utah Valley University in 2020, and her master’s degree in social work from University of Denver in 2023. She is currently licensed in Utah as both a Licensed Substance Use Disorder Counselor and as a Certified Social Worker. She enjoys spending time with her husband and with children and grandchildren. She loves the outdoors where she can often be found hiking, camping, riding off-road, or peacefully relaxing in the mountains with a good book.



Lynn Storey CSUDC


Lynn was born and raised in Utah. She is a mother of three children and uses her experience with a background in child education to help understand clients and their needs on a basic level using Family Systems Theory. Being related to someone who battles mental illness and substance misuse, Lynn has a special understanding of how to support families and clients by fostering development throughout challenging circumstances. Lynn has a strong desire to work in the rehabilitation field and support others in achieving recovery. In her free time she loves playing tabletop games, video games and going on walks. Lynn believes that healing comes from connecting and loving yourself and meeting yourself where you are at in life.



Laurae Urland

Laurae Urland

Office Manager

Laurae is a California native who transplanted her life to Utah 17 years ago. She is a devoted mother of two and an advocate for the recovery community. Her personal journey through recovery fuels her passion to meet individuals where they are, offering love, compassion, and an understanding of their struggles. Laurae firmly believes every individual has the right to heal and embrace recovery; a belief grounded in her own transformative experiences. Through her journey, she discovered the impact of small gestures, recognizing their power can reignite hope and reaffirm one's worthiness. Her message to those who are struggling: "Recovery is attainable, and you are deserving of it."  In her free time, Laurae enjoys social connections, serving others, a good book or TV show and her new found love for yoga.